Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Landscape and Geology and Forestry and Colour

I've been working on a new series based on geology and forestry maps.  All hard-edge usual kristofir stuff, although I am contemplating using some soft forms in the future.  

Friday, January 31, 2014

Eye Tricks

I have been experimenting with irregularly shaped panels since I discovered a table saw.  At first I was nervous, since I usually have my wood cut professionally, and I use a handsaw when I make stretchers, but I had a great teacher (my Zia!) and now I'm cutting all sorts of interesting shapes.   
With these two panels I wanted to suggest a warped perspective by using shades of the same colour to create depth.   
They are both flat paintings, although when viewed directly (like in these photos) they appear to pop off the wall.  

Before painting and with a fresh coat of gesso. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Facebook’s “Like” button and being non Judgmental

A curious boy points to a foraging dog in Swayambhunath, Kathmandu.

I recently attended a talk on passing judgment at a local Dharma centre.  The main topic of the evening was: “How do you treat everyone as a “friend” and let go of the preconceived judgments based on superficial information,” traits like smell, clothes, presentation, attractiveness and popularity.   The soft-spoken monk who gave the lesson and mentioned that very few people recognise the presence of people who live on the streets.  They simply don’t exist in a lot of people’s conscious minds.  The unconscious has already made the judgment for you.

The discussion that followed featured confusion and anger by the twenty or so people who attended.  Many seemed to miss the point and were fixated on their financial worth.  (A topic that many Canadians obsess over.) Their questions and statements seemed to be focused on “Me” as a possessive universe: my happiness; my children; my house; my vase etc.  I sat there and giggled quietly (a form of judging) as people demonstrated their frustrations and all along were missing the point.  They were judging, and yes it is hard not to.

The monk sent us off and asked us to do some homework:  To treat everyone as a “friend.”  On the bus ride home a group of people sat in front of me and were talking about how sick they were and how their mother was in the hospital in a coma induced by the flu.  On that note, I pulled the yellow string and got off the bus more than a kilometre from home, relieved to breath the relatively fresh winter air.   So at that moment, I failed horribly at the judgmental assignment in fear of my own health. 

I was looking at Facebook this morning and suddenly realised the reality of the “like” button.  It is an outlet that allows us to be passive and judgmental.  Even worse is YouTube’s thumbs down button.  We can now reduce our feelings to simply a click of the mouse.  When you think about it in real life, if people went around saying “I like this,” wouldn’t you want to at least know more?  Or would you even care?   But in a way I am glad that there is a “like” button, because it is a reminder of how not to be .  

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Resin Tent

This tent is not as colourful as usual.  Just two colours: red and pink (and white).  Next time it will have a touch of green.  yes.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Back in Canada

Since my last post in April I have travelled a full circle around the world, from Toronto to Toronto, though not all at once.  In fact it took two years from when I flew west to fly in from the other direction.  This last trip took 6 weeks, and was as follows.

Bali (my home for the last two years)
Kuala Lumpur
Nepal (where I was for a month)
London (to see contemporary art)

It was an amazing trip that was surprisingly inexpensive, except for London which was quite pricy.  I was only there for a few days and that short trip cost the same as an entire month in Nepal!

I'm currently back in Canada, and am experiencing my first blizzard in a long time.   I can't say that I am a fan of snow, but on the plus side this freezing air is keeping me inside and I have been quite productive.  I guess that is a good thing?

Colourful things

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vegiterra: A vegan and vegetarian travel resource

Vegiterra is our new website which exists to share information about traveling meat-free.  Recipes, visa information, travel essentials, living as an expat in Bali, and other helpful hints.
Visit our website: Vegiterra for more information!